Please know you are in great hands with the instructors that are stepping in to teach her classes in her absence.

Note: Starting at the beginning of July the Monday and Wednesday morning classes have new start times. Please check the Class Schedule for the current class times. Lele can still be reached via email or text. Her surgery is scheduled for July 18th.

What you should know


New to Pilates?

If you are exploring Pilates, you have likely heard of its benefits and may be curious to learn more about it. If you have any physical limitations, or simply feel “out of shape,” you may be wondering if Pilates is a good choice for you.

In short, the answer is YES, Pilates is an excellent practice for almost everyone who wishes to improve their flexibility, strength and quality of life. We welcome you to find out more about how Pilates can benefit you. Call or email to schedule your first private customized session.

New to HMB Pilates?

If you are new to our studio, we request a 55 minute one-on-one assessment, regardless of your prior Pilates experience, to help us determine how best to place you in a group, address specific issues and/or injuries, and familiarize you with our equipment in a safe manner. We find this to be the best way for us to help you achieve your fitness goals. Call or email today to get started.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Don't wear baggy clothes as this makes it difficult to see your body clearly. Shoes are not worn for Pilates but we do require socks for cleanliness. "Sticky" socks are best.

Cancellation policy

Thank you for honoring our 24-hour-notice cancellation policy. If you are unable to give sufficient notice, you are responsible for the full fee of a missed appointment.

Make-up policy

A group class can be rescheduled only if 24-hour notice is given. Make-ups must occur the same month as the missed classes. If the make-up class is missed, the opportunity to reschedule is forfeited.

There is no "carry over" of make-up classes into the next month.

The number of class make-ups allowed per month is the same number of classes taken weekly. For example: if you take one class a week you are allowed one class make-up a month. If you take three classes a week you are allowed three class make-ups a month.

Drop-ins are subject to availability.

All sessions and classes are 55 minutes.
All unused classes and sessions are non‑transferable and non‑refundable.
Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.
Thank you for honoring our 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to give sufficient notice, you are responsible for the full fee of a missed appointment.